Using a CD or DVD Ripper and Burner Software

The CD or DVD ripper and burner software is not used to destroy CDs. It is used to copy, extract and transfer CD files into digital files and vice versa. Using the software as a CD ripper requires three things: a computer, the CD ripping software and some other helpful gadgets like the iPod. It depends on where the user wants the ripped CD files to be placed since the user can simply store it in the computer or store it in the iPod. In CD burning, there are also three things needed to start and these three things are a computer, a blank CD or DVD and the software. The CD ripper and burner software is usually the same. The only difference is the process. Most CD rippers are also CD burners. There are just options to choose as to whether the user wants to burn or rip a CD or DVD. The point is that using a CD or DVD ripper and burner software makes both ripping and burning processes easier even if they are performed in different ways.

The primary step to rip a CD using a CD/DVD ripper and burner software is inserting the CD you want to rip into the CD drive. The tracks would be displayed on the screen and the user must now choose which among the tracks he or she wants to rip. The user can choose as many tracks as desired. The next step is to copy the tracks to the CD ripper and burning software and start ripping by clicking on the Rip option. A user-friendly CD ripper and burning software usually have easy options that even a beginner can follow when starting to rip or burn a CD. With the ripped CD files on the computer, it is now easy to transfer or download these files to other gadgets like the iPod. It is possible to transfer numerous tracks to the iPod already since the format has been changed into an iPod-friendly format such as mp3.

The process of using CD ripper or burner software to burn CDs and DVDs is quite the same. The first step is to insert the CD. The only difference is that, in ripping, the audio CD is inserted but in burning, it is the blank CD that’s inserted. This is where the burned tracks are placed. The types of CDs or DVDs usually used are CD-R and CD-RW. Once the blank CD is inserted, selecting tracks from the computer or movies and videos to burn is the next step. Selecting multiple tracks to burn is possible. After selecting the files to burn, there is an option instructing the user to burn the tracks. This will start the CD burning process. Once again, user-friendly software helps a lot especially beginners. Using the CD ripper and burner software to rip or burn CDs may take minutes but they could be faster depending on the software used.

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