Understanding CD Ripping and CD Burning

When the contents of an audio CD are extracted or copied to the hard disk of a computer or gadgets like the iPod, etc. that process is called CD ripping. The process of CD ripping is not simply copying files from the audio CD to the computer, but it is more on converting these audio files into a different format. Once audio CD files are extracted or converted into a different format, they are often called mp3 or WAV, etc. While audio CDs can be played on your computer as long as you insert the CD on the CD drive, CD ripping provides convenience because it allows the storage of audio files on the computer’s hard disk even without the CD.

iPod and CD

CD ripping is advantageous because it makes listening to the music convenient. There is no need to play audio CDs one album at a time. There would also be no hassle if the need to pick a song from a different singer arises. This is because ripping allows one to jump from song to song easily. This process also allows the extraction of only a few, specific songs from a certain audio CD. CD ripping also allows numerous ripped files to be stored in the computer since these files are converted into smaller sized audio files that would fit the computer hard disk without overloading the system. In fact, it also allows files to be extracted to gadgets like the iPod. With this, it is possible to listen to music anywhere and anytime you want.

There are concerns as to whether it is legal to rip audio CDs or not. The answer actually depends on the person. It is not illegal to rip CDs provided the person uses it for personal needs. CD ripping is only illegal if its purpose is to break the law by distributing or selling it to other people. People who share the ripped contents of an audio file especially through the internet are those who are subject to the law that prohibits or deems CD ripping as illegal.

CD ripping is not difficult to do nowadays. Many years ago, it could take you quite a while to be able to convert audio files to mp3 formats, etc. But nowadays, people can already rip CDs in no time. There is no need to wait for long hours just to complete CD ripping. This is because of the existence of CD ripping software. These CD ripping software are tools designed to make the process of ripping CDs easier and faster. With the use of CD ripping software or simply CD rippers, it will only require a few minutes to choose the tracks from the CD and the file format one wants to turn the files into. After that, the software will start ripping the audio files already. CD ripping software is available in the market already. They come in different names and quality but they are all created for easy CD ripping process.

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On the other hand, aside from CD ripping, CD and DVD burning is also a familiar term to most people. One may think these two are the same thing because they are both brutal terms done to music and video files, but these two are actually different from each other in terms of process. If CD ripping refers to converting audio files into a different format so they can be stored in your computer and iPod conveniently, CD or DVD burning is the process of copying music or video files from your computer to a CD or DVD. Like CD ripping, this process is not merely copying files from the computer to your CD or DVD. This process involves converting MP3 files into a different format that can be stored in the CD or DVD.

Most people are already raking the benefits of CD or DVD burning. They can create their own music collection by burning all their favorite tracks from the computer to the CD. They can create an album of their own. They can even collect their favorite videos and movies and burn them to a DVD so they can simply watch it on their TV and DVD players anytime they want to.

However, CD or DVD burning is a process full of controversy. This is because issues of its legality are being questioned and are actually arousing debates. If people are to be asked whether CD or DVD burning is illegal or not, they would most likely say it’s not because almost everybody does it. Almost everybody burns a CD or a DVD for different purposes. But according to the laws against piracy and copyright laws, CD or DVD burning could be illegal. This is because of using or copying files that are not owned by a person and the person has not obtained permission to copy it. It is even more illegal if one burns a CD or DVD for the purpose of distributing or selling it to other people. Even merely sharing it to your peers could already be deemed illegal. CD or DVD burning can only be deemed legal if it is done for personal use only.

Like CD ripping, CD or DVD burning is already widespread nowadays. This is because of the advent of the internet where music and DVD files can easily be downloaded to the computer and later on burned into CDs and DVDs. The process is even made easier because of CD or DVD burners. These are software or programs used to burn CDs and DVDs easily. Usually, the process of CD ripping and DVD burning requires the use of the same software. The only difference is the process itself.

Although ripping CD and DVD burning may sound like something brutal is to be done with CDs and DVDs, there is nothing brutal about it as long as the process is done legally and for personal use only. Above all, CD ripping and DVD burning are two processes that could test if one is responsible enough to abide by the legal restrictions accompanied by it. Much like the importance of a good electric shaver reviews when you’re in the market to purchase the best electric shaver for your particular needs, you should read CD and DVD burner reviews to learn more about the legal restrictions and the things you should and shouldn’t do with a CD and DVD burner.

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