Laws for Responsible CD Ripper and Burner Use

The use of CD rippers and CD burners is tied to several legal restrictions. While it is legal to buy CD ripper and burner software and nobody is banned to purchase them, this holds users responsible for following legal restrictions regarding the use of its outputs.

First, it is legal to rip and burn CDs and DVDs using a CD burner/ripper but a person is only allowed to use the ripped or burned music for personal use if he or she does not own the burned or ripped music. A person may be the owner of the CD to be ripped or burned, but he or she does not own a copyright of the music it contains and he or she is not the owner of the music. This way, a person does not have the right to sell the ripped or burned outputs for profits.

The use or the distribution of ripped or burned CDs will violate copyright laws and therefore makes for irresponsible and illegal use of CD rippers and burners. Even though many people can get away with it, if found violating such law; they might get in trouble with the law and even receive a penalty for that. When it comes to using a CD ripper or CD burner, a person’s rights are only limited to personal usage. It does not cover raking profits out of selling and distributing materials that are not personally owned by the person.

Second, selling ripped and burned CDs with the use of a CD ripper or burner is only legal if a person owns the music or if the contents contained in the burned CD or the ripped music is personally owned by the person. This means that the music to be ripped and burned is a person’s original composition. Musicians who compose their own music and use CD rippers and burners to share their music to the world do not violate copyright laws. This is because they are not sharing or distributing contents or materials from another musician but their own.

However, even if a person do not originally own the music from the CD he or she plans to rip or burn, there is another legal way to share and distribute the burned and ripped CDs. This is to buy a copyright from the owner of the music or content. Copyrights may be expensive but they last for years. If a person has a copyright of another person’s music, he or she has the right to rip or burn and distribute the CD without getting in trouble with the law or violating any copyright law.

A person must be aware of his or her responsibilities when it comes to using CD ripper or burner to either burn or rip CDs. One must be aware that he or she could face serious legal penalties once he or he is not responsible enough to use the CD ripper or burner properly. This goes to all people found violating the laws and neglecting responsible use of burned and ripped CDs.

First, a person could face monetary penalties that could reach thousands and thousands of dollars especially if he or she is found to have gained massive profits by distributing music illegally. The amount could even increase if the person is found to have irresponsibly used CD ripper and burners for illegal use on purpose. In other words, if the person planned to use CD rippers and CD burners in order to gain profits out of contents he or she does not own, he or she would be paying a big amount of money even more expensive than buying a copyright. And that person could also spend five years of his or her life in jail.

A person is not banned to purchase and use CD rippers and CD burners. But, that person must be responsible enough to know the consequences of his or her actions. The illegal use of CD rippers and CD burners is also like stealing. This is because the rights of the people who created the contents in that CD are being violated and their sole right to distribute CDs of their work is being stolen.

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